Friday 8 February 2013

Schutztruppen Dollies

The first miniatures being sculpted are the Dwarves. As stated the Dwarves are based on the Germans and Bob Olley is sculpting up the Schutztruppen in their distinctive slouch hats. Four dollies have been sculpted, three other ranks and one officer body which are pictured here.

Bob has also sculpted three separate Schutztruppen heads and one in a pith helmet which will be used for a hunter figure. Once these dollies have been moulded for the Schutztruppen, the plan is to convert them into Seebataillon dollies (there is not a lot of difference, most obviously the rear webbing). The Seebataillon will be wearing pith helmets.

The game will not be a purely military one and I want to include some of Umbongodwongoland's famous explorers and hunters hence the inclusion of the Dwarf hunter in the planned range.

In the Jungle...

Darke Lands is a project that has been bubbling under for a while but has now entering proper development stage with a view to releasing the game and a range of supporting miniatures by the end of the year.

What is Darke Lands? It is a historo-fantasy game with fantasy races taking the roles of historical archtypes in a miniatures game. I used the term historical archtype deliberately as the fantasy races will follow the more amusing national sterotypes of historical armies rather than be 100% historically accurate.

As Darke Lands is a sister set to Panzerfäuste the nationalities will generally remain the same so there will be British Orcs, German Dwarves and French Gnomes attempting to colonise and civilise the savages of Umbongodwongoland.

The savages will also be represented by fantasy races, Zulus will be Halflings, Madhists will be Goblins. We have more planned but we'll keep these under our pith helmet for the time being.

Miniatures are now being sculpted and as things progress I will share work in progress pictures and hope that as we progress things there will be opportunities for you to become involved in the development and production of Darke Lands.